Narrow Path Photography

 Take a Journey of Nature Photography through the Eyes of Lamar Gore... from the Northern Forests of New England to the Deserts of the Southwest...  Experience our Natural World, along the Narrow Path.

About the Photographer

I am a nature photographer who from time to time takes a fancy in    architecture and people.  I believe my road to using photography to share my experiences in the natural world began with three disconnected figures in my life and a touch of something unseen.  These figures were two deep sea fisherman and a middle school ecology teacher, who quite separately pointed me toward natural places.  Over time, I began to increase my understanding and build on my appreciation of the natural world. 

    For many years I roamed the eastern US capturing the beauty of our landscapes, but it became increasingly disappointing as my ability to capture what I truly saw failed.  There was a time over the years when I realized that photography is much more an art than it is a science.  A new world of photography was revealed to me during this time.  Building a sharper artistic eye started to bring greater satisfaction.

I  am inspired by the pure beauty and complexity of our natural world.  I want  to share those natural moments, designs of the natural world, and glimpses at the mystery which hold so much awe and beauty to us all.  They keep our scientists continually reaching, our children dreaming, and some of us in a state of fear, awe, and wonder.